The Audiyence platform contains best-of-breed native apps for Android and iOS. These apps are an integral part of the Audiyence cloud based ecosystem and have been developed from the ground up to be configurable and driven by APIs from the Audiyence back-end. This allows for an easy set up and configuration.

There are a number of flexible options to configure colors, logo, home screen, catalogue and optional extra pages. The apps support dark mode (automatic or manually).

The apps use the OAuth2-based secure authentication standard. End-users can create multiple profiles which are maintained in the cloud. Each profile stores their own playing positions and favorites, which works across devices as well. Profiles can support a child friendly subset of the catalogue. The maximum number of devices and profiles per user is configurable.

The apps are multilingual and include an advanced audio player with support for background playing,  chapterized audio (with navigable table of contents), variable playback speed and a sleep timer. The player is compatible with Apple Carplay and Android Audio.